Mission Control Systems co-founder participates at the MiraCosta College Hackathon

Jose Cuevas
11.09.23 06:33 PM Comment(s)

Mission Control Systems: Empowering Community through Innovation at the MiraCosta College Technology Career Institute's Hackathon

You already know Mission Control Systems as your innovation partner, creating advanced search, analysis, and reporting tools for users of DeltaV. Team member Marc Colello recently took innovation to a new level by participating in the 24-hour HackaMechElectrothon, an event hosted by MiraCosta College Technology Career Institute in Carlsbad, California. Like a traditional hackathon fused with an electromechanical speed build, this one-day competition was open to students, educators, and industry representatives, and required participants to design and build a game that would be rated for fun, function, and playability by game players at the end of the event. Marc saw the event as an opportunity not only to showcase his programming skills but also to support the institution where his wife, Kate MacArevey-Colello, teaches an engineering technician work-skills training program. 

"Kate basically talked me into this," he said, grinning, "But I love this kind of opportunity to build a team and a functional product quickly."

 With their two sons participating on opposing teams and that night's dinner on the line, the presence of Mission Control Systems at the event took on an even more significant meaning. As the hackathon unfolded, Marc was partnered with three engineering technician students and two additional engineers. The team set out to create a project that blended the casual vibe of cornhole with the skill and excitement of skeeball, building and coding through the night.As the event concluded, Marc shared his reflections on the experience. "What a neat chance to get to know some aspiring engineering technicians. Despite some setbacks, we had a great time building the project and learning together to quickly get it functional and fun. I'm so grateful to my teammates for their hard work!" Kate adds that they are both looking forward to next year's event.


Besides preparing for another go at the championship, Marc and his co-founders are eager to continue their pursuit of excellence, driving innovation and empowering communities through their software solutions. Like Marc's hackathon team, Mission Control Systems has proven that with determination and a shared vision, they can transform simple ideas into reality.


In the grand scheme, the HackaMechElectrothon was just one milestone in Mission Control Systems' journey, a journey fueled by a commitment to enhance our automation capabilities.


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