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Helping businesses save time and reduce risk.

Mission Control Systems provides automation-driven industries with expert consultation services and time-saving software solutions to address programming and documentation challenges, streamlining control system development and ongoing site support.

Who depends on MCS?

While supporting my customer during off-hours, I received an urgent call requesting investigation into an issue encountered with a batch. I was able to uncover the root cause of the issue using Mission Search quickly and accurately. What would have taken me probably a couple hours was discovered in 10 minutes. After troubleshooting and prior to restarting the batch, I was also able to determine next steps and state of the system and its equipment to ensure a proper restart without having risk of losing the batch. - DeltaV Automation Engineer

“I received a call from one of my clients about a running process that was having an issue that wasn't caught by the prior team. By using Mission Search, I was able to locate and resolve the issue before the batch expired. It would have cost them millions of dollars. Thank you for creating such a powerful tool!" - MC, DeltaV Automation Engineer

Pharmaceutical manufacturers turn to MCS Automation Services when they need experienced engineers that follow the guidelines defined in GAMP5. We have deployed automated systems for most of the major Pharma companies in San Diego County and are looking forward to working with you.

“I was just in a meeting asking what I thought were basic questions about the process we were about to deploy. Whenever it got specific, there was only one engineer who kept responding with the answer. He didn't normally speak up, so I was curious to find out why he had the answer and no one else did. It turns out that he was using your software [Mission Search] and was able to find what we were looking for faster than anyone else. Without him the meeting would have been a waste of everyone’s time, but he kept it productive.” 
Project Manager at Biopharmaceutical Company

What are you waiting for?

With over 40 years of combined experience in process automation, we're here to help you solve the issues that are frustrating you. Whether you need someone to get the job done right the first time, find and fix issues that you are currently resolving, or equipping your team with the software tools to get it done themselves, we are here. 

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