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Jose Cuevas
15.10.23 11:41 AM Comment(s)

Cal State San Marcos MBA Masters’ Project and Mission Control Systems

In business, there are moments when academia and industry converge to create something remarkable. One such story unfolded when Mission Control Systems (MCS) engaged with local university Cal State San Marcos (CSUSM) to sponsor a consulting project for students in the school’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. 


MCS initiated the project in 2020 to chart a strategic vision for the upcoming years. Eager to infuse new ideas into their strategic plan, the company turned to the MBA program at CSUSM, paving the way for a dynamic collaboration. A project team of CSUSM MBA students and MCS executives was formed. David Grooms, senior operating advisor of Corbel Capital Partners and adjunct professor of business at CSUSM, acted as advisor to the group. Together, this team set out to envision the early years of growth for the company, including a strategy for the prioritization, development, and release of tools designed to enhance the DeltaV distributed control system. MCS is excited to report the upcoming release of the company’s second tool, Mission Reports.


Work on the project included interviews and surveys of DeltaV DCSusers in the MCS team’s professional network. The objective was to understand issues experienced by Delta V users and to quantify the potential time and cost savings that MCS software tools could provide. Together, the team prioritized tool development and created a plan to expedite market availability for interested users. 


Key recommendations emerged from these discussions – primarily, the urgent need for advanced data analysis and system report tools. This insight laid the groundwork for a development plan. As outreach progressed, details of a strategic roadmap emerged to address industry needs.


The plan, divided into several phases, was constructed to introduce these tools gradually into the market. The first tool to emerge was Mission Search, now available. This groundbreaking tool provides users with a powerful search and analysis platform. Learn more about how Mission Search can streamline your DeltaV DCS searches. 


Today, Mission Control Systems is gearing up for its second checkpoint in the growth plan, the release of the second tool: Mission Reports. Mission Reports quickly generates Excel reports from your DeltaV FHX export file and provides off-line research and analysis when access to your system is not available. Discover how Mission Reports summarizes DeltaV DCS system database in an instant.


Mission Reports promises to redefine the process control system landscape. This tool empowers users to effortlessly compare system configurations. By providing a comprehensive view of your DeltaV DCS database, Mission Reports simplifies troubleshooting and optimization, leading to improved efficiency and reduced downtime.


Mission Control Systems is grateful for the seamless collaboration provided by this partnership, which epitomizes the power of academia and industry working together to drive innovation. The project provided invaluable real-world experience for the MBA students, allowing them to apply their classroom knowledge in a dynamic industry setting. Students gained insights into business strategy and the significance of innovation in sustaining and expanding a company's market presence.


For Mission Control Systems, this collaboration breathed new life into their existing growth strategy. The MBA students' fresh perspectives and dedication helped kick off the development of Mission Search, and their influence continues as MCS sets the stage for its upcoming release of Mission Reports.


The story of Cal State San Marcos' MBA students and Mission Control Systems exemplifies the power of collaboration, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence. As Mission Control Systems prepares to launch Mission Reports, the future is indeed promising, and Mission Control Systems is leading the way, one innovative tool at a time.